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Tips for Completing Social Security's Adult Disability Report | Nolo adult disabiltiy report

The information that you give us on this report tells us where to request your medical and other records. Disability Report- Adult-Form SSA-3368-BK.

Who can apply for adult disability benefits online? . Benefits and have an “ Application Number;” or; An “Adult Disability Report” and have a “Reentry Number.”.

Form SSA-3368 is the basic form used for adults who are claiming disability benefits. You can fill the form out yourself or have a representative such as a Social.

While applying for Social Security disability, you may need to fill out an Adult Disability Report, giving information on your past and condition.

DISABILITY REPORT - ADULT - Form SSA-3368-BK. If you need help with this form, do as much of it as you can, and your interviewer will help you finish it.