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PAPOOSE BOARD, Extra Large Size Immobilizing Board. Ages 13 to adult. Includes flap set, arm straps and head strap. For restraining frantic patients. UOM: EA.

Head to Medex Supply and check out the Natus Olympic Papoose Board, Extra For patients aged 13 - adult Physical dimensions: 60-3/4" x 17" (L x W).

Safe & Secure Immobilization Regular size: For children ages 2 to 6 years. Large size: For children 6 to 12 years. Extra-large size: For teenagers and adults.

Our extra large radiolucent papoose board is meant to safely restrain teenage- adult patients. MRI Safe X-ray translucent large size papoose board for diagnostic.

All boards except the Regular size come fully padded - See accessories below for disposable foam pads for the Regular size); Infinite adjustment with generous .