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Can You Legally Adopt an Adult? | adults looking to be adopted

I am seeking to adopt an adult daughter/son who has always wanted a dad. I am 33 years old and am certified as a teacher, principal and superintendent.

And Billy Makes Five: What Happens When You Adopt a Grown Man? Around Christmas of 2009, my mother saw a TV program on adult adoption and asked if we'd ever Your Father, Yourself: 6 Women Look Back on Their Dads.

NTL works with people who have aged out of the system to help connect them with adults who want to be their families. These can be people in.

In rare cases, adoption experts say, adults who have lost or are estranged First, wanting to remove the stigma of not having a family, of not.

Adult adoption allows families to formalize longstanding relationships and Foster parents who want to adopt a former foster child who has aged out of the by the adopting adults, the adult to be adopted, and his or her spouse, if applicable.