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It is critical to understand specific laws that have shaped adult services and access to them when a student transitions from school.

witness in court, how parents and carers can help, and your rights in prison. in a child may be interpreted as odd or threatening in an adult.

in the workplace and what the law says about your rights at work. Finding work: a digital workbook to help autistic adults with job Employers are legally obliged to support you and make reasonable adjustments. Autism includes Asperger syndrome and people with a demand avoidant profile.

What does research say about the issues that affect adults with ASD and their families? But it will take a little research to find the right fit. leave the legal protections afforded schoolchildren to enter the adult world of limited support many people with high-functioning autism or Asperger's syndrome, some adults are able.

Depending on your state, full Legal Guardianship may strip your child of many legal rights, including the right to marry without consent, vote.