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Nickname – Eros. Submit your funny nicknames and cool gamertags and copy the best from the list. Pick the best unique username for Eros or try writing your name with fancy symbols.

Learning Guide and Teacher Resources for Eros (Cupid) written by PhD students Nickname, Cupid (my Roman name), Captain Love, Mr. Moro, Lover Boy.

Eros and Rose are anagrams of each other; they contain the same letters. Personal experiences with the name Eros: | Edit · Share what you know! Nicknames.

Eros or Erotas is not just a feeling in Greece; it's also a male name, which means love and refers The Name Eros does not have any nicknames or diminutives.

I've been thinking and thinking..but I just can't come up with anything for my wittle baby's nickname.:(but we have over three months to think.