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Playboy v. Netscape, 354 F.3d 1020 (9th Cir. 2004) was a case regarding trademark Netscape uses this technique for adult entertainment and has a list of terms for which to display related ads. This list contains the terms "playboy" and.

7.1 update?[edit]. According to MozillaZine, the development of Netscape has ceased. .. I am glad we could settle this in an adult manner. —Mr. Grinch 17:00, .

Netscape has unveiled its plan for "smarter" Web browsing, set up to filter out sites with adult language, violence, and nudity, Netscape says.

Netscape's story reads like a proper fairy tale: takeovers, fierce and hostile competition, split-ups, a giant payout and even a dragon!.

Though not technically the first internet startup per-se, Netscape was It grew, initially, by having a bunch of adult supervision from SGI, and.