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Stairway to Recovery: Addiction in Older Adults older adult addiction

These facts have helped to perpetuate a misconception that older adults do not use or abuse mood-altering substances. Indeed, substantial.

Addiction in Older Adults. Why It's Prevalent. What Can Be Done. Addiction in older adults is an enormous and growing problem. Treating this population.

Older Adult Addiction. Counsellors use a bio-psycho- social-spiritual approach, in offering services that focus on substance use for harm reduction or abstinence.

Substance Abuse and Misuse in Older Adults By Kimberly A. Steinhagen, LMSW, and Michael B. Friedman Aging Well Vol. No. 3 P. 20. Surprising numbers of.

Addiction affects all ages. Learn more about the [email protected] drug and alcohol rehab program for older adults at the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation.