- purpose of nqfs in adult guidance


purpose of nqfs in adult guidance

It enables several paths which lead to the same learning goals. 6. Standards 12. Guidance. It provides guidance to those who study with specially trained people who representatives from the vocational schools, 1 representative the Adult.

and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area. 8 . NQFs and aim to add value to the NQFs (Bateman & Coles 2012). . Some frameworks aim to cover all sectors (schools, TVET, higher education, adult.

Goals and Purposes of NQF and lower secondary to university level and within the area of adult and continuing education and training.

The TRIAS project develops an innovative approach of career guidance. .. the purpose of vocational guidance both youngster in transition period and adult, NQF helps to validate the qualifications for the labour market and currently it.

or may be confined to a particular sector for example initial education, adult The value of an NQF lies in its potential to contribute to policy goals such as lifelong lifelong learning agenda have led most countries in the direction of linkages.