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Thinning out your movie collection? Here's where to sell your used movies for the most money. Includes suggestions for VHS tapes.

These tapes are XXX tapes. I want to get rid of them as they have become a burden packing and moving them from place to place. Plus, I don't watch.

Results 1 - 48 of 95 Slight Fever Syndrome (VHS, 1998) Anime Japanese adult xxx erotic FREE Shipping . Be sure to check my other VHS tapes I have for sale!.

Vintage "adult" VHS can be worth a decent amount as well. I hope that this helps out and, as per all my BOLO and How To posts, feel free to ask any questions.

Hopefully you've held onto your VHS. Julio Childress May 1st That's why homemade adult movies can sell for $20,000. As long as you're.