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Chihuahua Puppy Shots and Vaccinations vaccinating an adult chihuahua

Yes, there is a difference between puppy vaccinations and adult vaccinations. Your Chihuahua will begin receiving the adult vaccinations one year after her.

Vaccinations help to ensure your Chihuahua has good health and helps protect Between twelve and sixteen weeks, Chi's will also receive an adult booster.

If your Chihuahua hasn't been vaccinated, or kept up to date on his vaccines, he could . disease, meaning there's no benefit in having an older dog vaccinated.

About Adult Booster Shots- The only vaccination absolutely needed when your Chihuahua is an adult dog will be for rabies, and this is per the law of the region.

Did you know that a 160 pound Mastiff and a 10 pound Chihuahua both get the same amount of vaccine? That's a large vaccine problem for small dogs.