Opinion: The decline of sex is the end of civilization - sexual promiscuity and civilizations


When Nations Die sexual promiscuity and civilizations

Society has reduced sex to a pleasurable pursuit, and as a result, sexual promiscuity and libertinism are increasingly common. Progressives.

He also served as general editor for Marriage, Family and Sexuality. {4} The Roman Empire (as well as other great civilizations) understood that discipline and custom were essential . Sexual promiscuity led to the downfall of these nations.

The basic argument of the popular book Sex at Dawn is that human nature as inflexibly committed to promiscuity, even if civilization may.

TED takes a turn to talk about sex, bacon, and the sad sex life of gorillas. is that the origin of human civilization doesn't support this model.

Promiscuity Threatens Civilization 5. And so it appears that families cannot insulate themselves with an open-door sexual policy, just as.