Well, this sucks... Camera and Lens snapped at the mount | Canon Rumors - camera box sucks


This new update literally sucks - Samsung Community camera box sucks

My entire kit cost me less than $500 (second hand) and technically, it sucks. My camera produces noise at ISO 800, the Sigma provides little to.

To replace the mount and metal chassis on the camera, it must be Canon replaces anything that's damaged, certainly the mirror box and.

Call customer support for help and still camera didn't work end up just got new cam (3rd one) fresh out of the box and the damn thing didn't.

When it comes to being harassed for taking photos, the size (of your camera) really does matter. This topic really pisses me off. I am sick of.

I also use two different network sim cards in my Note and previously on Oreo the sim I'd chosen had an identifying box around the signal bars in.