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Why I Began My New Marriage With a Trip to a French Lingerie Store lingerie husband

I'm not married,hence, telling about my boyfriend. He loves to see me in such type of lingerie. Even I feel turned on by this. But my favourite type is like this i just .

Over the past two years, I've worn lingerie for my live-in boyfriend, Ben*, exactly one time, and it was a relatively conservative black sheer.

Having your husband wear lingerie in the bedroom is a great way of livening up your love life, but when it comes to putting him in panties, you needn't stop there.

As shocking of a discovery as it sounds, quite a few women have sought advice to deal with their husband wearing lingerie. What would you.

Dear E. Jean: My husband and I waited to have sex until we were married. On my wedding night I discovered that my husband's penis is very.