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Why My Hairy Legs Have Been Difficult To Embrace As A Gendernonconforming Person friend shaved hairy legs

Unshaved legs are a natural state, but for some they're also a statement. If I went a few days without shaving, friends would tell me it was.

I Don't Shave My Legs — The Hairy Topic of Beauty I'm fourteen at the water park, overhearing two friends remarking how gross it was that I.

Winter is not exactly beauty's best friend. One of the only beauty bonuses courtesy of chilly weather: less-frequent shaving, for those of us who.

I'm also super jealous of my friends who have such fine and light colored leg hair so they almost never shave and no one can see the hair.

I personally like leg hair on a man. Its warm and If my man enjoyed shaving I'd encourage him to continue doing what he p Do women prefer men with hairy legs? I have a female friend who prefers the men shave all body hair. Legs.