How To Clean Your Vagina After Sex, Because They Just Don't Teach You The Useful Things In School - sperm in fanny


Can semen cause a smelly vagina after sex? | Vaginal odour | Patient sperm in fanny

She also felt the semen would continue to leak out from her vagina for a week and was concerned the duration was contributing to the smell.

Fingering is very unlikely to introduce sperm to the vagina and cause pregnancy, but it can happen. Fingering can only cause pregnancy if a person's fingers are covered in preejaculate or ejaculate when they insert them into the vagina. Fertilization occurs when a sperm cell joins.

“This facilitates sperm motility into the vagina, cervix, and uterus so fertilization can occur. It lets you know it's a fertile time of the month,” says.

The human body, much like the Internet, is a series of tubes. These tubes transport all sorts of liquids: blood, sweat, tears, jizz, cerebrospinal.

I believe that my vagina is like a self-cleaning oven. But when sperm from my current partner is introduced it smells unpleasant to me and takes days to reset.