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How I Got Naked in Front of My Co-workers | naked old co workers

In some countries, it's not unusual to visit a sauna with colleagues. I'll never forget the first time I sat naked, thigh-to-thigh on a wooden sauna place where you go to be yourself and with other people,” says the 41-year-old.

How I Got Naked in Front of My Co-workers I discovered I had a problem with drinking when my 4-year-old daughter questioned why I wasn't.

Is it sexist to imagine a male colleague naked? because chances are she's 19- years old, nervous and concerned you want to grope her while.

Naked lunch: How to avoid seeing (too much of) co-workers at the gym Jennifer Watters, a 33-year-old marketing manager in Toronto, says.

When I was invited to a get-together with old colleagues on MTV, I was apprehensive. I've never been to a reunion before, but how bad can.