Wow! Rub a slice of tomato on your face and THIS could be the result! Amazing! - tomatoe facial massage


How to do Tomato Facial to Get Fair Skin - Step by Step Guide tomatoe facial massage

Mix well and the tomato scrub is ready. Massage your face with this for 2-3 minutes. Sugar is an excellent scrub that unclogs our pores and take.

Tomato Facial For Dull and Oily Skin with Pictures.As with any other facial, this too has six steps: Cleansing, steam,scrubbing, massage, face.

Mash a tomato and mix its pulp with a tsp. of honey and massage on the skin. Use this to scrub onto the face, neck and hands until the sugar.

Tomato Face Mask for Smooth, Glowing Skin Without Makeup. This ordinary fruit Apply little by little and gently massage your face in circular motion. And don't.

This massage cream is made from TOMATO, It's natural extract, revitalizes tirrd skin promoting fresh radiant looking skin. (Suitable for: normal to dry skin)Net.