Here’s Why So Many Women Can’t Orgasm During Sex - i cant have orgasm during vaginal penatration


There’s Help for Women Who Can’t Achieve Orgasm – Health Essentials from Cleveland Clinic i cant have orgasm during vaginal penatration

You very rarely hear women say they can achieve orgasm just from carry sensation throughout your vagina that you can't see from the vulva.

Many women find they cannot climax during penile-vaginal sex. If a woman has never climaxed in her adult life, we call it primary orgasmic.

In a word, yes. Research indicates that up to 80 percent of women cannot reach orgasm through intercourse (or do so only occasionally). That means fewer than .

If you've never had orgasm, or don't think you have, you're not alone: many women report one big, frustrated sigh when it comes to reaching.

Female orgasm can be difficult to achieve during vaginal intercourse.