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Vintage Lever-Handle 8" Widespread Faucet | Bathroom Faucets | Faucet, Sink faucets, Sink restoration vintage faucet

Vintage and antique faucet repair that most plumbers will not attempt can be sent to the plumbing geek for repair and restoration.

RH's Vintage Cross-Handle 8" Widespread Faucet:Baronial in stature, our Vintage collection celebrates form as well as function.

Advice from pros on the care and feeding of vintage faucets. A Handle on Restoration. What's their advice to owners of antique plumbing?.

Restoration Hardware - Vintage Lever-Handle 8" Widespread Faucet.

Brass Construction Premier Finish Vintage Brass Finish Cold Water Input Finish- Vintage Brass Finish Type- Drinking Faucet Collection Series- Restoration.